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Government Information Systems

Led the formulation and implementation of Government-wide plan for the building a leading information infrastructure from 1985-1999. The plan included: 1) establishing an information and a decision support center at the cabinet (IDSC), 2) establishing an information and decision support centers in each ministry, Governorate, province, city, district and in one third of the villages, 3) a sectoral information plan for each Ministry and each Governorate and each sector, 4) a content digitization plan , 5) a human and capacity building plan. During this period, the nation has been incrementally transformed and entered the information age. The scope of implementation include ministries and sectors such as electricity, economy, foreign affairs, rural development, finance, industry and natural resources, manpower and immigration, public sector, trade, public works, justice, housing and urban development, education, insurance, social affairs, petroleum, tourism, health, population, and Alazhar. The Government Information Systems included as well all governorates newly established center (almost 1500 centers) as well as many national agencies and authorities.


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