Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities

Actively contributing to social responsibility nationally, regionally and globally. Dr. Elsherif areas of focus are information society, knowledge society, accelerating economic and social development, bridging the divide, empowerment, poverty, equity, education, handicapped, culture and arts.

  - Founding commissioner GIIC.
  - Founder of DSS Award.
  - Founder of Global Genius Award.
  - Founder of Arts Global.
  - Formulated the South Vision for the New Mediterranean.
  - Led the formulation of the New Middle East Program for Economic Development.
  - Led the vision and plan of the e-tourism for WTO.

  - Founder and Chair RITSEC.
  - Led and Chair Africa Information Society Initiative.
  - Led the introduction of Information and DSS and internet in many countries.
  - Established the first Regional Information Technology Institute (ITI).

  - Co- founder of SIM Egypt.
  - Founder " Helping Hands" Association.
  - Led the formulation of Egypt first Handicapped Legislation.
  - Led the formulation of Egypt first Strategy for Handicapped.

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